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Whether you are an individual or a commercial entity, LibraLaw Inc. is your go-to law firm for competent advice and assistance on all legal or court matters. We offer personalised services for real estate issues, family issues, and more.

Our Vision – Equity, Equality, And Integrity

LibraLaw Inc. is founded by Lydia B Faisal who began the practice of law with Richard Frederick & Associates in August 2002. Her practice has handled hundreds of cases from a variety of clients and has blossomed with prominence and dependability. As a professional, she is guided by the principles of “Equity, Equality, and Integrity.” These are the core principles that she stands by and follows without compromise.

Lydia B. Faisal’s Journey From Agriculture To Law

Lydia B. Faisal started her career as an extension officer in the field of agriculture. Her job was to support and advise farmers in the southern part of the Island. She then progressed to teaching agriculture at the primary and junior secondary school levels, before becoming engaged by the Saint Lucia Development Bank as an Agriculture Credit Officer. 

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When she switched to law in January 1998, she had already amassed a number of life experiences that had augured well for her understanding of the law. She obtained her law degree at the University of Buckingham in England, securing place in the graduating class of 1998. She pursued the Bar Vocational Course at the College of Law in London, and is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. She has had a very intense seventeen years of Civil Practice, coming across some very difficult but fulfilling cases which she refers to as “way makers”. She also practices criminal defense to a limited extent.

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